The power and beauty of colour

Colours play an important role in the interior. At Perletta we are always busy developing new colours. Of course we do this with great care. We look around us and take into account the materials with which we and many other people like to surround ourselves. This creates a colour palette that allows for countless combinations, a colour palette with which we can easily create a lively interior.

The colour palette for our hand-woven rugs for 2022/2023 is divided into six colour groups of six colours each. Shades of green, red, blue, yellow, grey and warm nature. A total of 36 colours so that there is a suitable colour for every interior.

Colour trends

In general, we see many neutral shades, the so-called non-colours and half-tones. The darker colours are increasingly coming back as accent colours and are less frequently used in abundance.

Harmonious soft colours, delicate tones of blue, rouge and yellow provide a calm, earthy approach.

Bluish tones are returning to the interior, some even speak of "light blue the new grey". Perletta's Dusk 475 colour is light, airy and optimistic. This light shade of blue combines well with earthy tones and materials such as wood and dark steel.

Grey and beige tones with a hint of colour have the ability to adapt to their surroundings. Looking at the colours at different times during the day gives a range of beautiful shades where beige tones can appear reddish and with grey tones a green glow can appear.

The strength and beauty of colour is reflected in our colour palette for 2022/2023.