Wool is an animal and renewable natural fibre that consists of the fleece of the sheep. In addition to its beautiful, natural look, wool also has many good properties.

Under the right conditions, wool can be completely recycled. We use wool from New Zealand for our woollen yarns. This wool has a unique white colour and therefore absorbs dyes better, allowing us to supply our rugs in many modern colours. The fibres of this sheep are longer and coarser, which makes the rugs less fluffy and more durable.

The wool fibre is naturally elastic and curly. This allows it to return to its original shape after being walked on. This ensures that your wool rug will always look good.

Thanks to the hook-like structure of the fibre and its low static electricity, wool is more resistant to dirt than many other fibres. This makes a wool rug easy to maintain and less likely to get dirty.

Another important property of wool is that it only ignites at very high temperatures, because it is a fire retardant fibre. Wool doesn't drip or melt, it carbonises. A spark from the fireplace, for example, only causes a scorch mark that can be easily removed.

Wool is also a natural and renewable fibre. Wool also has a natural fat layer that makes it dirt repellent. Thanks to all these properties, your Perletta rug will last a long time. Contrary to what many people think, wool hardly triggers allergies because it actually traps dust and dirt particles.

Are all these good qualities convincing you to add a beautiful woollen Perletta rug to your interior? Check out our rugs!