Finding the perfect rug for your home can be quite a search. Besides the look, you also have to decide on the right shape, thickness, colour and of course the size. The right rug in the right place can greatly enhance your space, bring the furniture together and make the room feel more spacious and inviting.

The position and size of a rug depends on the room and the furniture in it. All our rugs can be made to measure and some even come in different shapes. This makes it easy to find the perfect rug for your space.

We always recommend getting the largest rug that fits your room. This is because it helps to keep everything together and makes the room look bigger. Measuring your room carefully and knowing where your furniture will be placed is the most important step when buying a rug. There is nothing worse than a rug that is too small because it makes the room look smaller and the furniture feel disjointed.

To help you place the rug in the right place and decide on the right size, we explain below the most ideal layouts and sizes for any room. Including yours!



Living room

Living rooms offer many opportunities to play with. By drawing the dimensions of the desired rug on the floor with tape, you can get a better idea of the dimensions in your room. Regardless of the layout of the room and the size of the furniture, we recommend that you allow at least 15-20 cm. of rug to protrude on either side of the sofa.

If you have a 3-seater sofa that is no longer than 260 cm, you can choose a common size of 200 x 300 cm. because it will then protrude 20 cm. on both sides. For a 4-seater sofa that is no longer than 300 cm., the size 250 x 350 cm. or a larger custom-made rug is most suitable. If you have a larger living space with a large modular sofa, we recommend that the rug extends to the back of the sofa and other furniture. In this way, you create a so-called "island" where all your furniture will be. In this case, the size 300 x 400 cm. is best.

Suitable rugs for living rooms:

All our rugs



With a rug, you add a lot of warmth to your bedroom. In addition, you get out of bed in the morning on a warm, soft surface. A good start of the day! The size of the rug is determined by the overall size of the bedroom and the size of your bed. We recommend leaving a minimum of 50-60 cm. sticking out on both sides so there is enough rug to get on.

Rugs suitable for bedrooms:

All our rugs. Tip: The Bormio, Bormio Mix, Chamonix and Moritz rugs have the softest feel.


Dining room

Determining the size of a rug in the dining room is quite tricky. In our opinion, the rug should always extend 70 cm. beyond the table. This way, there is enough room to slide your chairs in and out. Our flat woven rugs are most suitable for this purpose.

Rugs suitable for dining rooms:

Bellamy, Polar, Spot


Also consider

When calculating the size of your rug, always check whether the doors in the rooms can still be opened and closed freely. A main pile or thicker rug could possibly block this. Also take into account built-in components such as heating vents and sockets built into the floor.

Should you still have doubts after this extensive research, it is best to contact one of our sales addresses. Our experienced interior advisers can give you further advice so that you choose the rug that perfectly suits your space and interior.