The world around us feels unpredictable. Everything is in motion and changes ever faster. Nature is a great source of inspiration to bring both head and heart back into balance. We make conscious choices, opting for high-quality products and materials that last.

An oasis of peace

The need for relaxation is greater than ever. Our homes are being transformed into an oasis of peace and comfort. We surround ourselves with friendly shapes and soft, comfortable materials combined with warm tones to create a feeling of safety and security. Round and oval rugs, wood in combination with natural stone and furniture with teddy fabric seem to be indispensable.

The flair of the South Sea coast

The colour blue with lots of whites in combination with the natural elements of wood reminds us of the South Sea coast. We see blue tones coming back more and more into interiors, some even say light blue is the new grey.

Blue radiates tranquillity and gives a reliable feeling and therefore fits perfectly into a time when we are looking for safety and security.

Looking back at the past

A world in full motion with technical developments that we can barely keep up with makes us look back to the past. Classic designs and materials such as marble, velvet and high-gloss varnished wood are once again gaining popularity and can be perfectly added to our modern interiors.