Providing high-quality rugs is our priority. Thanks to timeless textures, our rugs will fit into your interior for a longer period of time. In addition, we offer top-notch service to make your rug last as long as possible. When making our rugs, we pay equal attention to people, animals (sheep) and the planet. 


Sustainable, natural materials

When manufacturing our rugs, we use natural materials as much as possible to make them last as long as possible. For example, only the best quality New Zealand wool is used. The sheep from which this wool comes live a good life and the wool is sheared from the animals painlessly. In addition, materials such as jute, sisal and cotton are used in our Perletta rugs.


Certified producers

Our rugs are produced both in Morocco and domestically. We work together with certified producers who are also good to their own people and care about nature and the environment. The people who make our beautiful rugs should be able to do this in decent conditions and be paid well for it. The dyeing of the wool on these productions is done with as few harmful substances as possible. All according to Öko-Tex guidelines.


Timeless design & good maintenance

Thanks to the timeless textures, designs and blended colours, our rugs will fit into your interior for a long time. Good maintenance will prolong the life of the rug. On our website, you will find maintenance recommendations for each rug. 


We intend to improve our energy consumption, printing, packaging and transport in the coming years. In this way, we will ensure that our ecological footprint will be as small as possible.