Only with natural materials you can create the look of our rugs. By combining these materials with different techniques, we can deliver a wide variety of textures and colours. Natural materials do not only have a unique look, but also a comfortable feel. In addition, they have less impact on our planet than other materials. When making our rugs, we use materials such as wool and eucalyptus. Jute, sisal and cotton are used for the finishing.

New Zealand wool

Wool is a natural and renewable fibre. Under the right conditions, wool can be completely recyclable. We use wool from New Zealand for our woollen yarns. This wool has a unique white colour and therefore absorbs dyes better, allowing us to supply our rugs in many modern colours. The fibres of these sheep are longer and coarser which makes the rugs less fluffy and more durable. Wool also has a natural fat layer which makes it dirt repellent. Thanks to all these properties, your Perletta rug will last a long time. Contrary to what many people think, wool hardly triggers allergies because it actually traps dust and dirt particles.

Portuguese eucalyptus

To add lustre to some of our rugs, we use a yarn made of eucalyptus. In making this beautiful yarn, mainly the trunk, without the bark, of the eucalyptus tree is used. The advantages of this yarn are that it has a long-lasting shine, it is soft and comfortable to the touch, and it wicks away moisture. In addition to the advantages in appearance and use, it is also sustainably sourced. The wood is gathered from sustainable forests and processed in a process in which most of the waste water is recyled.